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When it comes to high quality aluminium sliding doors for Liverpool properties, our Origin products are second to none. Each of our aluminium doors is crafted from one of the most structurally secure materials on the planet, one that has been used in buildings across the world for generations, delivering superb weather-proofing and durability, every time.

At Red Pro, we are able to offer origin sliding doors and aluminium sliding doors that our clients can easily customize, with simple frames that can be powder-coated swiftly and efficiently.

Our range of modern aluminium doors include low U-values, high thermal efficiency, surprisingly lightweight materials and a customisable framework. With origin aluminium sliding doors Red Pros is alle to offer two incredible profiles to choose from with each delivering stunning and valuable features and benefits.

Using some of the finest quality material available, Red Pro offers a range of aluminium doors and origin aluminium sliding doors for our clients, each of which are constructed in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. From security to stunning aesthetics and energy benefits, our aluminium doors deliver much more than you would expect. Contact Red Pro for all your inquiries about aluminium sliding doors in Liverpool.


Aluminium Bi Fold & Aluminium Sliding Doors in Liverpool: Why Choose Us?


Our years of industry experience and trusted reputation make us one of the leading aluminium doors providers and double glazing installation companies in Liverpool. We only ever use the best quality materials, and our origin sliding doors make properties stand out in any property crowd.

At Red Pro, we put customers first and take pride in our work, promising high quality practices has led to our recognition for quality aluminium doors all across Liverpool. Red Pro hires home improvement specialists to ensure that we both meet and exceed industry standards for all our aluminium doors and other products and services.

We only ever employ talented professionals, ensuring that our installation of origin aluminium bi fold doors keep our customers fully satisfied. Customer focused and with a full guarantee, that’s the customer service you get when you have aluminium doors from Red Pro.


Red Pro Offers Different Origin Bi Fold Doors
And Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors Liverpool Products


Why choose Aluminium Doors for your Liverpool Property?

As aluminium doors and aluminium bi fold doors in Liverpool become more commonplace in modern properties, it’s always worth asking why you should consider them for yours. With origin aluminium sliding doors, or aluminium bi fold doors, you can create a stunning streamlined  aesthetic that gives a modern look people love. With aluminium doors you can also create bespoke levels of  insulation, aesthetics or security in your home.

Our origins aluminium doors are high quality and guranteed to last, with strong material that is both light and sturdy as well as low maintenance. Our aluminium sliding doors or aluminium bi fold sliding doors for Liverpool clients offer a choice of style, as well as strong frames that work seamlessly and easily due to their lightweight structure.



When it comes to the cost issue of aluminium doors in your Liverpool home, our original aluminium doors really do deliver. Considering the cost of electric heating and cooling bills, not to mention breakages from cheaper materials, the cost of getting aluminium doors or high quality aluminium bi fold doors on your home is well worth it, with energy efficiency and durability making them ultimately cost effective.

Maximum Glass and Slim Frames


All our origins aluminium doors that we provide to Liverpool customers are designed in thin frames that allow clear views and lighter rooms. The frames on our aluminium doors are extremely lightweight and, due to the overall strength of aluminium, very little material is needed in the frame in order to hold the glass in place.

With our aluminium sliding doors, our customers enjoy the slimmer frame outlines that we are able to deliver for most properties, as well as the gorgeous streamlined look they create.

Our origin aluminium sliding doors and other aluminium doors allow for the design of much wider doors and windows, which optimizes the glass surface to uncover an ideal outdoor view, obscuring the borders between outdoor and indoor spaces.

The understated elegance of these aluminium doors and aluminium sliding doors give Liverpool homes a wonderful exterior look as well as a stylish finish. With a range of origin bifold doors, aluminium bi fold doors and aluminium sliding patio doors, Red Pro can help you create the look you want at a price you can trust.

Durable, Easy to Maintain and Robust


With any of our aluminium doors or our origin aluminium sliding doors for your home,  you get truly robust features that make our products long lasting and reliable. As well as the energy and usage benefits, aluminium door and aluminium sliding doors are essentially maintenance free, using a material that is suited to the English climate as it can last even with rain, harsh sunlight and damp conditions exceptionally well. Our origin aluminium doors are also fireproof, giving peace of mind to Liverpool homeowners.

High-end finish and Long-lasting color


Our range of aluminium sliding doors, and origins aluminium bifold doors for clients  are designed to provide a sleek powder film finish, that means that it is never required to be added paint as the finish provides for exceptional longevity. Our aluminium doors and origin aluminium sliding doors are light and seamlessly simple to work with, delivering an impressively high degree of water, wind, and air-tightness for maximum energy efficiency. At Red Pro, we also provide aluminium bi fold door products that  come with a powder film that is a far much-preferred finish when looking at eco-ratings.

Energy Efficiency


Energy efficiency is important to our team at Red Pro, which is why our aluminium sliding doors across Liverpool all come with a  high degree of water, wind, and air-tightness for maximum energy efficiency. .Using recyclable material is also part of our Red Pro commitment, so our aluminium doors are made from this to reduce waste.


Aluminium Bi Fold Doors & Aluminium Sliding Doors in Liverpool: What makes them Popular?

When it comes to strength, resilience, energy efficiency and style, nothing quite delivers like the aluminium bi fold doors and aluminium sliding doors we provide to our clients. Our increasingly popular range of origin bi fold doors and aluminium sliding patio doors give Liverpool homeowners the chance to enjoy windows that reflect their own personal taste while coming with a guarantee of quality. From sleek designs to slim sight lines, our aluminium bi fold doors add real class and head turning aesthetics for you to enjoy and be proud of.

Whether you want to create a new access point for your outdoor space, or create a different zone between indoor areas and the outdoor entertainment hub, aluminium sliding doors or origin bifold doors in your home can deliver what you want, seamlessly and stylishly, that’s the Red Pro promise. As well as the style benefits, aluminium sliding doors will protect your property from the elements, giving a robust and sturdy safety to your home.

If you want a stylish look, seamless ease of use, and stunning results, contact Red Pro today to discuss aluminium bi fold door, aluminium sliding doors and our range of origin sliding doors available in Liverpool.