Red Pro Presents Gable Windows Liverpool
Triangle Gable Windows | Gable Roof Windows

Gable windows in Liverpool homes look genuinely class. In terms of location, the gable ends sit beneath the roof where the angled sides of the roof meet at its peak on a first, second or third story of a house.

To imagine gable end windows, create an imaginary line running between the bottom ends of each roof which would form a triangle with the roof’s peak forming the highest point on the triangle. When you look at the gable end windows for sale at Red Pro, you will see exactly what this means in terms of aesthetics.

With most gable windows in Liverpool properties, the window sits at the end of a pitched roof on the side of the house, with a flat surface to allow generous amounts of natural light into the roof. Gable windows do not require a protrusion because they are not placed into the sloping angle of the roof, an advantage that many homeowners enjoy as gable windows then appear like normal windows set onto the house’s side.

In terms of the overall size and number of gable end windows your home would need, it is the width of the house at the gable end that determines how many windows can be placed in this area, as well as its proportions in relationship to the rest of the house.


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