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When it comes to why you should choose aluminium windows for your home, one of the main reasons is the fact that they are a high performing alternative to uPVC. Red Pro are proud of our expertise when it comes to aluminium windows and aluminium sash windows installation work in Liverpool.

High quality aluminium windows, such as the origin aluminium windows we use in Liverpool, come with profiles that are extremely thermally efficient, highly secure and offer robust security features for homeowners’ peace of mind.

In terms of letting natural light flood into your property, or bringing the beauty of the outside views inside, an aluminium windows installation in your home is hard to beat and guaranteed to deliver, especially as aluminium windows require very little framework around the edge of the glazing.

Our origin aluminium windows available to Liverpool clients are bespoke, each tailor made to suit your property and reflect your requirements, with a range of colours available for all our aluminium windows orders in Liverpool. If you want truly unique style matched with stunning aesthetics and quality, contact Red Pro to discuss all your aluminium windows needs and our origin aluminium windows choices, all coming with the best quality materials on available.

With the often harsh UK elements and weather, choosing aluminium windows for your home is a superb choice, one that will give you lasting value and results. This sturdy, long trusted materials is both environmentally sound as well as energy efficient, meaning that origin aluminium windows or aluminium sliding windows in your home could save you money as well as lowering your carbon footprint.

For clients who want aluminium sash windows on their Liverpool home, we will install these efficiently, sitting them neatly inside the window frame for that seamless look, creating slim sightlines and beautiful aesthetics. Of course, all our origin aluminium windows are both naturally strong yet wonderfully lightweight, the perfect combination. To discuss our origin aluminium windows, our range of aluminium sliding windows and doors, and our professional aluminium installation services in Liverpool, contact Red Pro today.


Red Pro assures you that all of Aluminium Windows Liverpool Are fully fitted for you needs

When it comes to high quality aluminium windows in Liverpool, Red Pro is the company to call and the team you can trust. We offer a range of services and products, with origin aluminium windows and aluminium window frames that set the standards and keep our clients satisfied.

Our years of industry experience is showcased in all our work, with our team of talented professionals known for installing quality origin aluminium windows all across Liverpool.

From bespoke design to colour schemes, we work closely with each customer to ensure that the origin aluminium windows we install in their Liverpool property precisely reflect their full specifications. Red Pro is committed to putting customers first, which is why we offer a full consultation before we start any work on the aluminium windows you want for your property.

Offering full flexibility on all our aluminium sliding windows and aluminium windows designs allows us to carefully craft tailor made products, something that makes our aluminium windows some of the very best in Liverpool. From large scale projects to smaller aluminium windows, Red Pro is here to get the job done.

For a consultation, advice, and a fairly priced quote, contact Red Pro to discuss aluminium windows, or our range of origin aluminium windows for your home.


Red Pro Offers Different Origin Aluminium Windows Liverpool
Products And Aluminium Windows Installation


Origin Aluminium Windows Liverpool Come With Many Advantages


When it comes to cost, the range of origin aluminium windows we use in Liverpool can be significantly cheaper than other window frames such as wooden or timber, not to mention aluminium windows being lower maintenance. Though plastic frames such as uPVC can be cheaper than aluminium, they do not offer the durability of the high quality, long lasting origin aluminium windows that Red Pro offers, making them far more cost effective.

Our high quality aluminium windows and aluminium sliding doors are designed to last, often for as long as 30 years.  With aluminium being considerably more resistant to the outside elements compared to other frames, as well as having a high strength-to-weight ratio, making them harder to dent, aluminium windows in your Liverpool home really will stand the test of time.


Low Maintenance

As well as durable and affordable, our origin aluminium windows and origin aluminium products available in Liverpool offer low maintenance, with a quick clean of the glass and frame every 2-4 months usually enough to remove dirt and keep the windows looking shiny.

This material is designed in such a way that guarantees our origin aluminium windows can be manufactured to easily meet your exact design specifications while maintaining the inherent strength of the material. Furthermore, there is a large variety of customisations from glassing options to finishes in a wide range of colours, making origin aluminium windows truly unique.

Suitability for Many Designs

Thermal Efficiency

We all know how important thermal and energy efficiency is to our home, which is why origin aluminium windows are so popular in Liverpool. With superb performances in terms of heat gain and heat loss minimization compared to other windows, the polyamide technology takes our origin aluminium windows to another level in terms of energy performance. With origin aluminium windows in your home or business, you will save money on heating bills, a wonderful benefit.

Origin windows are popular with Liverpool clients for many reasons, one of which is the fact that aluminium is also a fully sustainable product, 100% recyclable and non-toxic, leaving a minimal ecological footprint. Recycling aluminium itself requires just five per cent of the initial energy consumed to create it.

Eco Friendly


Aluminium Windows Liverpool: How they compare To Other Frames

When it comes to getting aluminium windows in your Liverpool home, here at Red Pro we like to keep you informed of all your choices.

Aluminium vs UPVC

When compared to uPVC windows, our origin aluminium windows offer much greater durability, far outweighing the higher cost of having an aluminium windows installation at your Liverpool property.  Add to this the environmentally friendly nature of our origin aluminium products and the design flexibility, and you will see why so many choose this option.

Aluminium vs Wooden Frames

For some, an aluminium windows installation at their property does not, to them, deliver the same look or style as wooden frames. That said, our aluminium window frames, seen on many Liverpool homes, are not only cheaper, they also require much less maintenance and have greater flexibility in terms of personalized design and style options.


Why Origin Aluminium Windows Liverpool Are Considered As The Best Framed Product?

Often called a ‘magical metal’, getting origin aluminium windows for your home really does offer many benefits from this third most common element in the earth’s crust, the most abundant metal on the planet.

But what makes it perfect for use especially in windows, and why are origin aluminium windows installations in Liverpool becoming ever more popular?


One of the advantages of an aluminium windows installation is the fact that aluminium is a very light metal with a specific weight of just 2.7 g/cm3, making it about a third that of steel or copper and rendering it one of the lightest commercially available metals. Put simply, aluminium is ideal for both window and door frames, but using a lightweight frame is especially important when it comes to curtain walling.

Resistant to Corrosion

In terms of low maintenance and corrosion resistance, few things can match the origin aluminium windows we provide for our clients. On aluminium window frames and aluminium windows, then they come into contact with air, a protective layer of aluminium oxide immediately forms on the surface, a layer that is extremely resistant to corrosion from weather as well as cleaning products. Unlike timber or PVC-U frames, Red Pro’s aluminium window frames for Liverpool properties are not prone to swelling, cracking, splitting or warping.

Hard to Break

Nobody wants easily breakable windows or frames, which is where origin aluminium windows and aluminium window frames really perform for our customers. As aluminium is both malleable and ductile it can be bent or pressed into shape or drawn out into a thin wire without losing its toughness and without breaking or cracking, making it pliable rather than brittle. For anyone wanting a curved curtain wall or window, aluminium window frames in their Liverpool home can easily be bent or pressed into the required shape without any danger of them breaking.


100% Recyclable

When you get aluminium windows or any aluminium products for your property you are using a material that is 100% recyclable, with no degradation in reused material. Our origin aluminium windows and aluminium sliding windows that work for many homes  use industrial aluminium that was produced around 100 years ago, showcasing the fact that worldwide demand for aluminium has grown to around 29 million tons per year.

Readily Forms Alloys

The aluminium windows we have for sale in Liverpool are usually alloyed with other elements to improve its physical properties, for example, the strength of pure commercial aluminium can be increased by 20% by adding manganese. Aluminium also readily forms alloys with silicon, copper, zinc, iron and magnesium. This means it is possible to produce a range of alloys with properties tailored to particular applications. At Pro Red, we use alloys of aluminium with silicon and magnesium which are an excellent choice for extruding aluminium profiles, making our origins aluminium windows in Liverpool incredibly versatile, heat treatable, highly formable, weldable and high strength.


One of the many reasons people select our origin aluminium windows installation on their home is the ability to make an aesthetic statement. As aluminium can be easily anodized or powder coated to give it a decorative smooth or textured finish, our aluminium sliding windows can be made to look as well as they perform, matching durability with decorative style.

For our bespoke aluminium windows in Liverpool, the anodising is carried out by immersing the aluminium in an acid electrolyte bath and passing an electric current through it, converting the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, aluminium oxide finish. Once this is done, the aluminium oxide is fully integrated with the underlying aluminium, so that it cannot chip or peel, making it amazingly durable, especially for aluminium sash windows or an aluminium glass door in your home or office. The aluminium oxide has a porous structure so needs to be sealed to make it resistant to corrosion. The sealant can be clear or contain special dyes so that anodized aluminium is available in a wide range of colours.