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Steel Framing Systems Liverpool

For high quality sfs installation in Liverpool, we are the company to call and the team to trust. Our Steel Framing Systems (SFS) are a through-wall building solution that is increasingly used across the UK construction industry.

Based around frames being built from cold rolled sections normally from thin gauge steel, these steel framing systems are found across Liverpool and we are doing more of them than ever.

One of the advantages of sfs framing at your Liverpool site is the fact that a steel frame can be designed in various ways, giving flexibility to the architect when it comes to the design of the façade.

When we do sfs installation for our Liverpool clients, we like the fact that steel framing systems have the flexibility of timber frame structures, but because of the use of steel it’s more precise, better suited against the elements and a higher fire safety. With steel framing systems your Liverpool building can be wind and waterproof more quickly, a real advantage in our climate.


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